Wednesday, October 11, 2017


November 17, 2016 I’m on a plane leaving Phoenix for what will probably have been my last trip there. My work in Phoenix has ended and I’ve been realigned to another area of the country. Phoenix was home to me for three years. It isn’t easy to say goodbye. I had sex with Brittany on this trip. She’s in her twenties and I’m in my forties and it was fun for what it was. I didn’t get to see Jennifer. That’s what I really wanted to do. I click with Jennifer. She’s beautiful. She’s sexy. There’s a connection between us. There are feelings. She told me once that she was in love with me. And I was falling for her too. And then we moved away and I’ve seen her only once since. For drinks and a kiss on her cheek. We had plans to see each other again. Our sexual connection is amazing. She’s not at the level of what I feel emotionally when I connect sexually with my wife but she’s closer than the others have verb. I had hopes to experience it again with her but it wasn’t possible this trip. And there may not be another. “I will see you again” were the last words of her goodnight text. I’ll take comfort in the hope that she’s right.
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