Saturday, July 8, 2017

Strip Busting

ballbustinggames: m/f (or m/m) couples game • ballbusting, tease & denial You will need: - nothing but your bodies Setup: - agree to a safeword - male partner stands naked with legs spread and hands behind back - female partner starts fully clothed (as many layers as she likes) How to play: - Each round the female partner delivers a hit to the nuts of her choice (kick, punch, slap, knee, etc) or a squeeze of no more than 5 seconds. - For every hit the male partner takes and remains standing, the female partner removes one item of clothing. - For every hit the male partner takes and falls to his knees/the floor, the female partner puts one item of clothing back on. - Only once all items of clothing have been removed is the male partner permitted to fuck her/cum. - If the male partner gives up before then or uses his safeword, he must make the female partner cum and he is not permitted to cum for the rest of the night. - Teasing/sexually frustrating male partner between rounds is encouraged! Have fun!
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