Wednesday, July 5, 2017

7/5/2017 • Naked after our shower My wife and I took a shower after getting all hot and sweaty this afternoon picking out rocks to paint with the kids. I washed her hair, bathed her body, and massaged her neck and shoulders. Once she was clean, I sat down on the shower floor to lick her pussy as she rinsed her hair. Hot water cascaded over her naked skin and onto my face and body as I masturbated on the floor of our shower at her feet. I got up after she was rinsed and she stroked my cock and played with my balls while we kissed. I was so close for too long and eventually I couldn’t take it anymore…. I joined her in the effort to bring me to release. We each had a hand on my dick as we jerked me off together. Her wet skin slid over my hard cock. She massaged my perineum with one hand and rubbed the head of my cock with the tips of her fingers on the other hand as I stroked my shaft between them. I moaned into her kiss and my knees went weak and just the effort of standing up became a distraction, edging me along in exquisite torment as my impending orgasm built. Finally…. I came… pleasure coursed out from the end of my cock to every extremity. There was cum everywhere… on our hands, all over her belly, dropping down my balls and onto her feet. I rubbed my cum into her skin, spreading it out to cover more of her body. We had to soap up all over again before we could get out. We had a good laugh as we washed my cum off of her, dried off, and I snuck a few pictures of her after. ❤️

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