Monday, June 19, 2017

6/19/2017 • NOLA LJ Just spent the evening on Bourbon Street with my friend and coworker LJ. We are very drunk. She told me she loves me and I told her she’s my second best friend after my wife. She joked about how I just wanted to see her ass when I offered to let her climb out of the back seat of the uber before me. Later she joked about how her boobs were smaller than they were when she was nursing. I told her I didn’t notice because I was too preoccupied with her ass. She asked me if I liked her ass like that and I told her I do. We went bar hopping near our hotel and we had to take an uber back to the the hotel because we are all very drunk. She leaned into me the entire ride back with my arm around her as she cuddled her head against mine. I loved how her body felt next to me. I love her like a sister and she loves me like a brother but I also just really enjoy her touch, her voice, the confidence she places in me with the personal secrets she tells me. She has lots of friends but she’s probably my only real friend outside of my wife and in every way, I do love her for that. Tonight…. my pulse raced for her in other ways and I’ll always remember how we cuddled together in the back seat of an uber.

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