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April 15, 2017 • Sexy Naked Man I was at Target tonight and I...

April 15, 2017 • Sexy Naked Man

I was at Target tonight and I noticed as I put my groceries in my van that the dish soap had popped opened in the bag. I went back inside the store to wash my hands in the restroom and noticed a man was in the stall standing barefoot on his shoes.

When I went to look up, my eyes caught a glimpse of this man’s cock in the vey large crack in the door. There was a sink in the stall and he had the water running. I realized he was standing there completely naked. I washed my hands very thoroughly… which is to say I took much longer than was necessary and kept stealing glances at his cock in the door gap.

The restroom was very busy. It’s spring break so everything is very busy around here. I wanted to sneak a peak closer. Or try to get his attention. I wanted him to know that I saw him. I wanted him to see my face so I could see his. Mostly though, if I’m to be honest, I wanted to explore his body. I wanted to suck this stranger’s cock.

Of course it didn’t happen. It couldn’t. My family was waiting in the car and there were men in and out of the restroom. I snapped a quick photo and was noticed by the man next to me. I got a dirty look as he washed his hands. He tossed another dirty look in the direction of the gap in the door. I scurried out and pulled up my photo stream but the angle wasn’t right to have gotten a clear shot of his cock. I should have gotten my camera closer to the gap. :(

I’m more determined now to find a friend to play with. I really REALLY wanted that cock. It’s all I’ve thought about since. 😶

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