Wednesday, April 26, 2017

04/25/2017 • Peeping Dream (Lynn)

April 25, 2017 • Peeping Dream Last night, my wife’s sister was in my dream. She needed to use a public restroom but the stall door wasn’t latching properly so I offered to hold it shut. She did not realize that there was a large enough crack in the door frame for me to easily see inside. I watched her unsnap the button on her shorts. Her small fingers pulled her zipper open and she slid her hands down her body, pulling other her shorts and panties down with them. Past her thighs. Past her knees. And then she stepped out of them entirely, kicking her flats to the side, and folded them neatly and set them on a shelf that appeared to be there for that exact purpose. She was completely naked from the waste down. Seconds after she crouched down over the seat of the toilet, hovering above it to avoid allowing its surface to touch her clean skin, I both heard and saw her pee leaving her body as she was wasted it into the porcelain bowl. Such a shame I thought. Seeing and hearing the steady forceful stream splash into the water beneath her brought me to a full and very hard erection. My other senses were screaming a jealous fit: my mouth watered with desire to consume her precious fluid and to taste again the folds of pale skin that were its source. My own skin prickled with goosebumps wanting to feel her body against naked against mine, allowing her aroma to push me over the edge into a delirious state of emotional drunkenness. When the last drop finally appeared to be discarded, her hand fumbled toward the toilet roll behind her only to find it empty. She huffed an annoyed frustration and turned her body as she looked around hoping to find a secondary roll somewhere. There was none to be found, but she had repositioned herself as she turned so she was faced away from me now, still slightly hunched over as she was above the toilet. Her smooth naked ass dared me to come inside and fall to my knees behind her. She was flustered now and even the skin of her bare ass cheeks was flushed red in embarrassment or frustration. Her asshole winked slightly open and closed, teasing me…. tempting me…. inviting me. Resolving to the fact that she had nothing to dry her pussy with, she reached around behind herself with a hand to either side and pulled apart the lips of her pussy, bending over further in the process. I thought for a moment, is she fucking with me? Does she know I’m watching her?? She started bobbing her ass up and down, pussy lips pulled apart, an impossibly gaping pussy bared toward me as if purposely on display, but no, I realized her efforts were a vain attempt to air dry herself off. After a few seconds, she reached for her clothes and held up her panties taking a look at them. They were a very light blue, cotton, with a sort of laced pattern around the top and the openings for her legs, with a small silky bow just at the center on the front of the elastic band. She frowned and said out loud, “this is one of my favorites” and folded them with a sigh and dabbed them between her legs to clean her pussy. I was about to explode. I wanted to burst inside and kiss her. On her lips. Both lips. I wanted to lick her from her pussy to her toes, not even caring that her bare feet had stepped all over the dirty bathroom floor. I was just overcome with a desire to consume her body in every sexual manner a man could. But instead, I watched her dress, sliding her pants back up her naked legs, covering her delicious thighs, and over the cheeks of her beautiful ass. As she zipped and snapped them on, I couldn’t help but think of the soft lips of her pussy against the hard denim seam between her legs. The thought almost made me lose myself in the final seconds I had left to compose myself as she slipped her bare feet back into her shoes. I had pulled out my cock and was close to cumming and quickly zipped myself back up as she moved to open the door. She smiled and thanked me for holding the door, glanced first down at the obvious bulge in my own jeans and then again at my face. She leaned over toward me and kissed the side of my neck as she slid her fingers into my pocket and whispered, “you can keep these if you like” as she stuffed her damp panties into my pocket. “Did you think I didn’t know you were watching me? I can hold the door for you while you take finish taking care of yourself. I’ll try not to watch but nothin was able to stop you, so no promises.” I was the one flushed now and words would not come. She nudged me toward the stall and said, “Go on now. It’s ok. You can’t go back out in public with that thing in your pants like that…. I’ll hold the door” I walked inside and she pulled the door closed and I realized just how easy it was to see that someone is looking in. Her eye was on me. She licked her lips. And looked at my face and said, “or if you don’t want me to watch, you can just lock it and wait outside? I think latch seems to be working fine after all.”
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