Tuesday, March 28, 2017

03/28/2017 • She Hugged Me (Lynn)

March 28, 2017 • She hugged me

My wife’s mom and her sister were down staying at a condo on the beach near us for the last few days. They came to the house on their way in on Saturday and stayed for a little bit while they waited for their check in time. It was really nice seeing her sister again. And smelling her. And hearing her voice. We went out to eat together that night at a local restaurant.

Sunday we went down to meet them for popsicles and got some pizza and shrimp from one of other favorite local restaurants and took it back to her condo to eat. The whole place smelled like her. I snuck a few pictures of her and just really enjoyed being near her again.

We didn’t get to see them yesterday because we had gone to Target to upgrade our phones and it took hours. It was crazy but we got $600 in gift cards so worth the wait. I just wish we could have seen her sister again.

She came by the house this afternoon after they checked out of their condo. They stayed a few hours. She is so sunburned from being out on the beach yesterday. She’s so fair completed that it’s hardly a surprise. Mostly I just watched her and listened to her talk. Thinking about the things we used to do together. Wishing she would make the leap and move down here to be near us. I drew a heart with my finger in the dust on her car mirror when I went out to get the mail. I like knowing she’ll see it and I’d like to think it will keep her safe on her way home. Yeah I know, I’ve got it bad for her.

When it came time to say goodbye, she told me she wanted to hug me. I could have died. I hugged her for as long as I could, pushing just up against the edge of awkwardly too long. I didn’t want to ever let go. My heart was racing. Hell, its still racing and she left half an hour ago. I can’t wait to see her again. I miss her already.

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