Saturday, February 25, 2017

02/25/2017 • Dreams (Lynn)

February 25, 2017 • Dreams I’ve had two dreams in the last week with my wife’s sister. In the first, we were dating but new in the relationship. I was confident and she was a little awkward and nervous as we broke the intimate touch barrier for the first time. I held her in my arms and later sat down on the floor with her in my lap just holding her and brushing my fingers through her hair. It was only a brief moment and then I woke up. The second dream, though days later, felt like a continuation of the first. It was brief. I stood in front of her and leaned in for our first kiss. Our lips met and parted and our tongues danced together first in her mouth and then in mine. She was not an experienced kisser, I could tell, but she pulled tight against me and enjoyed them moment as much as I. And again, I woke up. I suppose the intimacy with her, even in these dreams is just too much excitement to keep me anchored in the dream. In both cases, I missed her as soon as I awoke, my heart was racing and my breath needed catching before I could try to get back to sleep, hoping to see her again. In both cases, sleep did not come back to me and I instead found myself sorting through her photos on my phone. Wishing I could tell her how she makes me feel. Wishing I could have a piece of her love in my wakefulness. Instead, I am left to await the next night that will bring her back to me.
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