Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3/29/2016 Reasons Erin says she doesn't like me

3/29/2016 Reasons Erin says she doesn't like me:

* You make jokes about everyone or "poke fun".
* You make everything sexual.
* You are negative about almost everything. You never seem happy about much. Except sex. And saving money.
* You never give people the benefit of the doubt.
* You can never take the blame for things.
* You yell. Way to much. Too many empty threats made as well.
* You act like a bully at times. Put others down to feel better about yourself.
* You grab me at random times, without asking, while I'm in the middle of doing stuff.
* You are constantly on your phone.
* You ignore me, or don't hear me, or don't pay attention, or forget.
* You insert yourself into every situation and become the "victim".
* You get way too defensive about things.
* You procrastinate. But I do that too. Not a huge deal.
* Oh. You always have to mention how much money you make, and that you work for a billion dollar company.
* I don't really like that you sleep naked, but to each his own I guess.

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