Thursday, July 14, 2016

07/14/2016 • Getting Fit (Erin)

July 14, 2016 • Posted from home

So my wife has me focused on losing weight. She wants me healthy. She wants me thin. She wants the body of the man she married.

So I've been eating less and eating better. Pretty much zero sugar. And today I hit a new high score. 181 pounds. The lowest I've been in a year. Her sister's husband is doing the same. But he's down to 177. She pointed this out to me and so I not only need to get down to where he is, I also need to make up for any progress he makes in the mean time.

My wife deserves a better body in her bed. I know if it's to be mine, I need to push hard. Today we looked through her old keepsake pictures of her and her ex-boyfriend. How he had his arms around her. How he had her in his arms, carrying her in one photo. Yeah, I was jealous. And I think that was the point. So New goal is 177 and then quickly to 175 from there.

My wife is 97 pounds at 9 1/2weeks pregnant. As excuses go, I've got nothing. Honestly, I'm glad she cares enough to push me.

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