Thursday, June 30, 2016

06/30/2016 Locking Up? (Erin)

June 30, 2016 • Posted from home

So this morning, I was showering with my wife and decided to jack off. Afterward, we were trying to get ready so we could get out of the house and drive to Cincinnati to go to Ikea and I was getting flustered. She made a comment that obviously she needs to keep me horny.

I said what do you mean? She said, "before you took care of yourself in the shower, you were in a good mood and all gung ho, but then after you're flustered."

I apologized to her and went to the kitchen to feed the kids while she finished getting dressed.

She came down and realized her probiotic was low and asked me to order her more. I jokingly said, "ok. I'll order you some from Amazon and get one of those chastity locks so you can keep me horny". I was kidding. Her face lit up like I haven't seen in some time and she smiled and just said, "ok!"  I said I was kidding and she said, no I really like that idea". I can lock you up before you go to Kansas City on your trip for work."

I told her I'm very curious about trying something like that for a defined period of time but I'm afraid she would never let me out and that was just mean to have me alone in a hotel room and not being able to enjoy myself. She said, "well I'm left here with the kids while you're gone and I can't really enjoy myself so?"

We might actually be doing this. I'm turned on and terrified all at the same time. 😶

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