Saturday, June 25, 2016

06/25/2016 • Pregnancy Dream: Not My Baby (Erin, Rob)

June 25, 2016 • Posted from home

This morning, my wife told me she had a crazy dream last night. I love her pregnancy dreams. They are always awesome 😊

So, in her dream, she was pregnant though further along than she actually is now, which is about 6 1/2 weeks I believe.

So, she was pregnant, but the baby was not mine. As it turns out, she was pregnant with her former lover's child.... the one with whom she cheated shortly after we married. His name is Rob.

She knows how much it used to rip me apart hat she still had feelings for him so long after we married and that he was the major crush of Erin life and the one she hoped to marry even back when she and I were engaged. So she was a little hesitant to tell me about her dream.

I'm so glad she did. It really REALLY turned me on. The idea of her having another man's baby... as I have told her on many occasions... is so sexy to me. Especially if it were his. I told her she cared a lot about him and I don't begrudge her for that. I had a tough time with it for a while but I love that she shares it with me and that she loves me now. I wouldn't take away her fond memories of her time with him, her hopes she had for a life with him, or even the sex she had with him after we married. All of that made her who she is. And she has a right to all of it. And I love her story, even the parts that were once tough, because it is her story and I love her.

I love that she still has dreams about other men. I love that somewhere inside her head and her heart there is something there that is just hers. It's sexy as hell and completely draws me in to hear about it.

I told her she likes to hear about my current exploits with other women. Since she isn't comfortable going out with other men right now, her past is the next best thing. I love hearing about her past and fantasizing about her future.

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