Friday, June 24, 2016

06/24/2016 • Her Panties (Erin, Rob)

June 24, 2016 • Posted from home

So a random thought popped in my head today and I asked my wife.... that night she cheated on me with her ex... she said one thing led to another and it just sort of happened. So I was curious.... who took off her panties?

Did she take them off for him? Knowing as she did so that she was going to let him fuck her married pussy?

Or did he take them off of her? Did she offer her body to him, allowing him to life her dress and slip his fingers along her body and into the elastic at the top of her panties.... feeling his skin on hers as he slipped them down over her naked thighs.... Her knees.... and her feet?

It turns out he took them off of her. She blushed as she told me. He slid them off of her body and put them in his pocket. And then his cock pressed against her lips and my innocent wife violated her vows and defiled our marriage. I'm so proud of her for being brave enough to do it. She's shy and she was always the good girl. But that night, she opened up and was herself. Nothing else mattered but what she wanted. And she went through with it. And I love that about her.

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