Friday, June 17, 2016

06/17/2016 • Gay Hookup Talk (Erin)

June 17, 2017 • Indianapolis, Indiana

So I told my wife that I've been chatting it up with another married man about hooking up. He's an insurance agent and has a private office available to him. I'm intrigued. Open minded to the possibility but of course I like to get to know someone online enough to be comfortable. She was open minded to the idea. 

Later on, the conversation turned to public sex and getting caught and I told her about the time my ex-girlfriend and I were caught a couple of years ago when we were naked in our car in a mall parking lot. My wife knew I was out with her of course but she didn't realize mall security had interrupted us and asked us to leave. She said that was her biggest fear to doing it out in public like that. What if it was a cop and he wasn't nice? Or blackmailed us. I said, well you may just have to suck his cock to get us out of it. She said, "I'm not sucking his cock but you can"

I love her. 

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