Friday, December 11, 2015

12/11/2015 • I wonder

December 11, 2015 • Posted from home

I wonder.... After all the porn I've seen since I was a kid. All the hundreds of pictures and videos I scroll through on a daily basis.... I wonder how many people I have seen naked or engaged in sexual pleasure. Millions? Tens of millions? 

How many people have I seen naked and also met without realizing I have or will see them naked or fucking or making sexy little noises.

I wonder what percentage of the population is putting themselves out onto the Internet like that. How many people have I missed seeing?

I feel like a dirty young Anakin... I wanna be the first to see em all! 😜

We are a very interesting species. Depraved in our heads and fantasies, at night and behind closed doors. We are all jerking ourselves off and stuffing our genitals and asses with all sorts of things from cocks to toys to food to random objects. 

And yet we all go about our days pretending none of it is happening. Choosing not to acknowledge that the hand of the stranger, colleague, boss that we just shook in a business meeting was on his own dick or inside his wife's pussy or possibly even up one of their asses most likely within the last day. We all pretend none of it's going on while in reality it seems to be what's making the world go round. 

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