Saturday, June 20, 2015

06/20/2015 • Driveway Sex (Erin)

June 20, 2015 • Driveway Sex (Erin)
Posted from home • Indianapolis, Indiana

Erin and I argued much of the day. Polyamory comes with its challenges and we are experiencing them now as imbalanced expectations and general misunderstandings abound. 

We made up over dinner down at the outlet mall. Then got some icecream. She wasn't ready to go home and deal with the kids just yet. I jokingly suggested we could pull over and make out. The clubhouse in our neighborhood was too well lit so she suggested our driveway. 

We pulled in, got in the back seat together, and started making out. Hands roamed. Her dress made its way up her body... Over her baby bump... Past her bra. Her breasts were soon exposed as roaming fingers and lips found her nipples. Then her panties were off and my shorts, shoes, and polo shirt followed.

I kissed her feet and sucked on her toes. The street was well lit from the corner telephone pole. Several neighbors drove past but none noticed us. My socks came off and I was completely naked again in the back seat of our minivan. I had not been completely naked back here since Jennifer in Phoenix.

My fingers found their way inside her pussy as I kissed her. Then my lips followed and I sucked her clit and licked her pussy. She was delicious. I sucked my fingers clean several times. 

I slipped my cock inside of her and as soon as I started sucking her nipples, her body responded in earnest. She arched her back toward my lips as my tongue flicked across her nipple. They are so sensitive now. She loves the attention on them. And her hips rocked back and forth as she fucked herself with my cock. 

I was overly turned on by the situation... Being exposed... naked in my own driveway as neighbors passed slowly by. Although I had cum both last night and again this morning, I was ready to cum again much sooner than I wanted to be. But the situation wasn't one to be drawn out longer than it had been. At least not the first time. She suggested we might need Jamal (her rather large black dildo) and I agreed to cum in her now and fuck her with Jamal if she wanted more later. She smiled and said, "Fine with me!"

And I fucked her hard. So hard her moans turned to genuine laughter as the minivan shook around us. It made a low rumbling sound that she at first jus took for thunder. Her giggles sent me over the edge and I came inside of her. We cuddled briefly and realized we had no napkins in the back seat. I swiped my cock clean with my fingers and licked them. She put her panties back on and just let my cum drip out onto them. 

We dressed and I put on my belt while standing outside the minivan wondering what the neighbor who drive by just then thought of me putting my belt on in the driveway. I told Erin which of the others drove by last night while I made out with Cher in that same driveway. She called me a player, jokingly, and said it was dark enough they probably couldn't tell it wasn't her. 

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