Monday, June 1, 2015

05/31/2015 Sex with Erin and "Jamal" (Erin, Jamal)

May 31, 2015 - Sex with Erin & "Jamal" in my bed.

Erin and I had sex in my bed downstairs before sleeping together upstairs in her room.

It started out with a massage for me, which led to a blowjob. I took a video of the blowjob with my phone. She licked my perineum and sucked my balls and tickled me all over with a peacock feather and spanked me first with her hand and then with her flip flop. She also sucked on my nipples. It was amazing. I could probably have had an orgasm if she had kept it up. Even without the blowjob. 

I massaged her and used the feather on her body as well. Then lit a candle and placed it on her back and spanked her and told her to hold still or it would drip onto her back. After a few spanks, I picked up the candle and dripped it on the sole of her foot and all over her back and ass. At first, she did not think it was very hot but then as more was added, it built up and she could feel the heat. The wax came off pretty easy.

I went licked her pussy (good God in heaven, her pussy tasted amazing!) and ass and fingered her ass a little and fucked her pussy with my fingers. We started having sex and I was just too turned on and too close to coming. I had started recording the audio with the voice memo app on my phone. She sounds so sexy! She needed more so I went upstairs and got her new black dildo. It's huge and we've named it Jamal. I sucked her nipples and bit her boobs and sucked around her pussy while fucking her with Jamal. She loved it and almost came from it alone, but she had me lick her clit while Jamal fucked her pussy. She came very loudly... easily the loudest she has ever been. 

Then she asked me to fuck her and she moaned for me too. I came relatively quickly and then licked my cum from her pussy.

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