Friday, June 12, 2015

05/12/2015 • Triad Dinner & Public Sex in a Parking Lot (Cher & Erin)

May 12, 2015 • Triad Dinner & Public Sex in a Parking Lot (Cher, Erin)

Tonight, I invited Cher to have dinner with Erin and I at Logan's. She brought her toddler, Z along, as well. She isn't working at the moment but I offered to pay. 

Cher called me when she got there as a severe thunderstorm had started literally started right as Erin and I pulled up. Erin waited at our table while I ran out and grabbed Z out of the truck while Chee parked it. I carried him to the table and we got him situated in a high chair. 

I sat on one side of the table with Erin. Cher sat across from Erin and I across from Z. Erin was a little upset at one point and said in what was later said to be a much more direct tone than she intended, "you don't like touching me in front of her do you?" I was taken aback by this but maybe subconsciously I'd felt awkward and realized I wasn't touching her. So I took her hand and pulled her closer to me and kissed her cheek a few times while apologizing for not realizing I wasn't and told her I don't mind at all. 

We ordered some drinks (Erin just had a few sips since she is pregnant). Cher had a Watermelon Margarita, Erin had a cup of coffee, and I had a Strawberry Rum drink. Food was ok and it was a little awkward interacting as a group. I think the public setting maybe threw us off compared to Clay Terrace the other night where we were more private since it was late. 

Food was meh. Cher had a steak salad. Erin had a sirloin. I had grilled meatloaf that was burnt. But we talked and laughed. Decided after dinner to walk the mall. Cher's daughter was at work in a store there and we always have to be careful there since anyone could see us. 

I told Erin that I wanted to make it a point to give Cher a kiss in front of her so she could witness it and break the ice for future displays of affection in front of each other. In fact, earlier I told them both separately that I'm just going to kiss them both and say ok. Now can we stop acting like this is awkward?

I was mindful of how Cher worried about being seen. Her daughter's and son's friends were at the mall often and because her boyfriend doesn't yet know she's dating me, she doesn't want it getting back to him and she isn't ready for her kids to know. We sat and watched Z play in a couple of kid areas and I held Erin's hand and stroked Cher's back. We got a couple of looks, including a rather dirty one from an older lady, but it went over well. Ten minutes before the mall closed, we were in a relatively secluded spot. I leaned into Cher and said, let me tell you goodbye before we get too close to her daughter's work. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Erin later told me that it was sweet and she liked seeing me kiss her. 

We left and I told Erin that I wanted to make out in the back of the car with her too. I drove us to the exact same spot Cher and I had parked and made out the night before. We climbed in the back seat and I noticed it was much busier than the night before. Friday night. Popular local pizza place was drawing in more people. 

Our windows were tinted so we didn't worry too much. I showed Erin step by step what Cher and I did the night before. I held Erin like I held Cher. Kissed her neck and chest the same way. Massaged her shoulders. Then hands roamed further. Her boob was out of her dress. My lips found her nipple. Fingers traced up and down her calves and inner thighs. Kisses all over her neck and ears. 

I slipped her panties off and put them in my pocket. She giggled a half hearted protest but stopped pretending when my fingers slid into her pussy. My lips found her breast, nipple, chest, neck, mouth. She started moaning and I laid her back onto the seat. After several minutes, I went down onto my knees and kicked her pussy. 

She tasted like heaven. I licked her clit and pussy, then sucked at them, then locked again and somewhere in the alternating pattern, my fingers slipped inside and she gasped. She later told me she was about to say, "just fuck me already" but I had my belt off and my pants down and my cock inside of her before she could get the words out.

I slid my cock inside of her, she was laying on the back seat, dress hiked up, panties in my pocket, breast exposed... I was on my knees on the floor in front of the seat, cock inside of her, fucking her fast and hard while scanning the parking lot on occasion and watching several people approach their cars near us. This was a very public lot. 

She was moaning now. Breathing heavy. I was too and I told her I would cum soon. And I did. I fucked her until my cock was completely spent and soft again inside of her. I slipped out and got some napkins from the glove box, pants still around my knees. I leaned down and licked her cummy pussy just long enough for a taste of us. We laughed and kissed some more. Then got dressed and headed to Kroger to get ice cream for the kids at home. In the ice cream topping, Erin told me she could feel my cum dripping from her pussy. I secretively lifted her dress and slid my fingers in her wet pussy and scooped a mixture of my cum and her juices and brought my fingers to my mouth to suck them clean while looking her in the eyes as she told me how dirty I was. 

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