Sunday, May 24, 2015

05/11/2015 Movie Date #6 (Cher)

May 11, 2015 Movie Date: Age of Adeline
Regal Cinemas, Screen #3 - Greenwood Park Mall
Greenwood, Indiana 9:03am to 11:21pm

We had plans tonight to go to the park again, but it was very cold and windy out. Cher was supposed to bring her son and Erin suggested it might be too cold for him to be out. So I left with the idea that we probably needed something else to do. Cher suggested we go to a movie. We looked at start times and it was between Mall Cop 2 and Age of Adeline. I chose Adeline.

I got to the theater and bought our tickets and some popcorn and a Mr. Pibb. She had managed to leave her son home again so it was just us. We walked to the theater and she chose seats about a third of the way back, to the right of the screen as we faced it. She sat on my left. We talked a little during the previews and throughout the movie. She commented a couple of times that she was cold. I was naive and not getting the hint. I put my had on her arm for a few minutes and then put my arm around her. She snuggled in next to me as much as she could... the arm rest was not moveable and in the way. Like a stupid little plastic chaperone sitting there between us. She laid her head on my shoulder and before long started stroking my knee with her fingernails. I kissed her forehead several times and just enjoyed feeling cuddly and warm and loving how her hair smelled. I held her hand again for some time... most of the movie. When the movie was over, we hugged next to her car. I kissed her cheek again and was again rewarded with a grin and a giggle. When I told Erin about it, she teased, "Well aren't you two just a perfect middle school couple?" lol

Cher asked me to drop off a Red Box video for her on my home. I did. We are becoming more comfortable. I like where things are. She texted me on my way home and said that after tonight, my chances of that kiss on our next date went up significantly. I grinned like a middle schooler the rest of the way home.

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