Sunday, May 24, 2015

05/09/2015 Starbucks After Work Date #5 (Cher)

May 9, 2015 - Starbucks After Work (Cher)
Greenwood, Indiana 12:50am to 2:00am (May 10)

Tonight was our fifth date. Cher and I met at the Starbucks near her work after she closed up shop. The Starbucks had long since closed and we were just planning on sitting at the tables outside to talk. When she got there, she seemed nervous. I nearly kissed her last time, so that was understandable. The kiss that almost was is still stuck firmly in my mind. I want that kiss. It's been haunting me and I know that I need to feel her lips against mine. Soon. Patience, Jason. Slow down.

We hugged when she got out of her car. It was another very long hug. Very comfortable. She smells amazing. She asked me if I thought it was ok to be there since the store was closed. She joked that she didn't want to get arrested for sitting at the tables outside of Starbucks at 1:00 in the morning. I gestured to the sidewalk behind us and offered, "We coud get arrested for sitting at the tables in front of Panda Express instead, if you prefer." She laughed. I make her laugh. She told me how important that is to her. And how rare. We walked over and sat at Starbucks. (Spoiler: We did not manage to get ourselves arrested.)

We sat and we talked. And we talked. And for forty-five minutes, I held her hand. I reached over and took her hand in mine and stroked her skin with my free hand. She did not mind. She told me later that surprisingly, she enjoyed it very much. She had to go at 2:00 so she could get home before her boyfriend realized something was up. That was the latest she would normally get home on a late close.

When the time came, neither of us were ready to go. We hugged. I held her for such a long time and just as we started to break, I kissed her cheek and she giggled and pulled back with a grin. I'm making her happy. And that is making me happy.

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