Sunday, May 24, 2015

05/08/2015 A Walk in the Park Date #4 (Cher)

May 8, 2015 A Walk in the Park (Cher)
10:30pm to Midnight - Craig Park
Greenwood, Indiana

Cher and I met again tonight. Just the two of us this time. Her daughter is babysitting her son. We met at the park to walk around. I hugged her to say hello when she got there and told her she looked nice. She was surprised. She had been working at felt she didn't look her best. She did and I told her as much. :)

We walked through the park talking about the sledding hill... work... her boyfriend that she won't call her boyfriend even though she lives with him and they have a son together. We talked about poly and Erin and my relationship. We walked down Meridian to the library and turned a corner to stumble upon two people making out on the sidewalk. It made me think of my times with Jennifer. We had a laugh as we turned to go back the way we came and give them their space. I desperately wanted to kiss her. I wanted that moment. 

We walked back to the park and slowly made our way back to our cars. When it came time to say goodbye, we hugged. For a very long time. I wanted to kiss her. She knew I wanted to kiss her. She put a hand between us and said goodbye. She isn't ready yet. Almost but not yet.

She texted me on the way home. Her son was heading to play basketball just feet from where we were holding each other. We laughed at nearly being caught. She told me she put her hand between us because she thought I wanted to kiss her. I told her that I did and if she had given me any sign at all that she wanted to, I would have, but as it is, I respect her pace and won't kiss her until I believe she is ready. She said she wanted to. Very much wanted to. But isn't quite ready and also knew if we kissed, she would want more. And there wasn't time for more. She had to get home.

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