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04/13/2015• Erin's Sex dreams and Hitachi Hand Job (Erin)

04/13/2015 • Posted from home

Erin told me this morning about a recurring dream she used to have about me in Phoenix. We would always be on the couch in our front room, another woman would be there with us, sucking my cock while Erin made out with me. Erin never interacted with the other woman, she just kissed and made out with me while the other woman sucked me off. 

Last night, she had a dream that she was cheating on me. There was a group of men doing some kind of work outside our house. Erin thought one of them was very attractive so she started flirting with him. She was in her jeans with no top on trying to get his attention. She did and when she asked him to have sex with her, he asked her about how I would feel. She told the man that I probably wouldn't even realize he was having sex with her, but even if I did, I would most likely be ok with it. She told me that she had woken up before the sex actually started but they were making out and I did walk in on them. I asked her, "and was I ok with it?" And she said that I was. 

That's when she told me about her recurring sex dream. I told her it was very hot and I'd be up for that. She said if she felt more comfortable with the other person seeing her naked body, she could probably get past the rest of it (emotions and jealousy). She said she doesn't have any interest in doing anything with the other person but the idea of watching me turns her on. I suggested that I would think she would want to join in. I would be turned on and want to join in if it were me watching her. She said, that yeah she probably would but she would only see herself really being sexual with me in the scenario. 

She said if the circumstances were perfect and we could somehow find the elusive perfect person that is in no other way connected to our life, she could see it happening. She's concerned about the whole sex degrees of separation concept, and things getting out. Like when we saw Cher at the grocery store randomly. Her family is here. My family is here. People know us. I reminded her that most people who are nonmonogamous probably realize there is a lack of acceptance amongst the general population and while a small portion may be ok blazing through out in the open, there must also be a large number who is in the same boat as we are and would maintain discretion. She agreed. 

As we were talking about this, I had started fingering her pussy and using her Hitachi on her clit. It's always next to her bed, ironically plugged in the side where I would sleep. I commented that I obviously was not as well schooled in using it on her as she was and she showed me where precisely she likes to hold it and with just the rights amount of light pressure. I took her advice and she started to become more responsive to my touch. 

I switched it off when we had finished the conversation and started licking her pussy and clit. After a few minutes, I heard the Hitachi buzzing again and then suddenly felt it against the head of my cock. She alternated between sliding the bulbous head of her magic wand against my frenulum, down the sides of my shaft and then against my perineum while she gently stroked my cock with her magic hand. Whether it was my cock or her wand, her hands were masterfully manipulating my body to a height of pleasure I have never been able to reach on my own or with anyone else. She's amazing. And I love her. And I believe that our love and our history and our connection to be the absolutely unique factors that makes her able to take me there where no one else ever has. With others, sex is a physical pleasure that is very enjoyable. Alone, the orgasms I have with masturbation are satisfying in a much different and more personal way. With Erin... God, with her... Sex is a sacrament. To me, it is like experiencing a union of our bodies and souls. The physical pleasure is like nothing else because it is driven by ... flooded with the emotional bursting of love I feel for her. 

And on this particular occasion, I was it was nearly driving me mad. The pleasure was well over the top, particularly while she was using it on my perineum and sliding it down near my ass. I feverishly sucked her clit while my hips kept bringing my body off the bed of their own volition. My tongue probed deep inside her pussy and the sweet, musky taste of her drove me closer and closer to what was proving to be an elusive orgasm. My body alternated in response to her 

 I chased it. And chased it, but it was always just out of reach, my mind was intent on experiencing the explosive pleasure and my body was was intent on prolonging the pleasure and holding it off just a hit longer. While I was doing all I could to endure the delicious battle between the two.

I slipped my tongue into her ass and pushed in as deeply as I could manage before returning to her pussy. I was moaning now. At times almost whimpering and then suddenly animalisticly growling and grunting, all muffled by the mouthful of clit and pussy lips as I buried my face as deeply between her legs as I could. 

I was torn.

I thought several times about tearing myself away from her pussy and artful hands and just fucking her. Hard. I needed to cum and I wanted to cum with my cock inside of her. I wanted to feel her hot breath on my neck and to moan into hers while biting and kissing her shoulders. I wanted to fill her sweet pussy with my salty cum and relish in the delicious recipe as I brought her to orgasm with my lips. 

And several times I had the overwhelming urge to slow everything down and slide myself into her and make love to her. I needed to cum but I wanted to cum inside of her with her lips pressed to mine, with her breath mingling with mine. With the sounds of my appreciation and love and pleasure closer to her ears. 

But I could not tear myself away from the moment we were experiencing... from the way she was touching me and pleasuring me and loving me physically. My love language is touch and this is one of manners of touch that I appreciate and need. Cuddling and kissing and holding hands and everyday brushes against each other do amazing things to me. And so does this.

And then, suddenly I could think no more. For what seemed like an eternity but what was in reality just a few long wonderfully tortuous minutes, she held me just as the edge of orgasm. It was as though the orgasm had started but then froze in place and lingered and refused to stop. It was several minutes long. I don't have any idea how long. My body literally responded to her touch and took on its own actions with its own mind... my mind was just along for the ecstatic ride. My hips ground themselves against the warm vibrating head of her Hitachi, at the same time bucking forward so my cock slid against the soft skin of her hand as her fingers curled around and squeezed my shaft. My tongue flicked itself wildly across, around, and against her hard clit in my mouth as my arms pulled her body hard against my face... My nose was buried into her pussy and if I was able to breath at all, I could only breath her. And then it came. A nuclear explosion that overtook me. My whole body orgasmed so much that I had to concentrate to try to make sense of what I was feeling. My toes were tingling. My prostate felt like it was pulsing. My cock was squirting cum all over her hand and my stomach. And then for a moment I was limp and could not move at all. It was simply an amazing experience. 

I cleaned the cum from my cock with one of the cum rags we keep handy in a drawer. She laid back against her pillow and I started to lick her pussy and then moved away so she could work her wonderful magic on her self. She commented on how warm her toy was, almost with a hint of concern that we had overworked her lover.

She turned it on and pressed it against her clit as I rubbed her legs and feet and boobs and body, lightly kissing along the inside of each of her thighs. I stood and slipped two fingers in her pussy, pressing lightly against her g-spot (I am typing this on a iPhone and Siri just tried to auto correct that last word to "happy"... appropriately). I sucked her nipples and kissed her neck and lips while I slid my fingers in and out of her pussy with the same rhythm my cock would use when we slowly make love. And though it wasn't the mind blowing experience she had given me, her orgasm came with her hips lifting from the bed. When she had settled down again, I leaned in to kiss her pussy and I tasted the wonderful mixture of her pussy, her sweat, and just a hint of pee. She is often worries when using the Hitachi that she will pee. She has managed to squirt before with it but sometimes it is simply urine. I've told her over and over how much I would love it, especially if she were to pee on me. Or if I could taste it. She told me that while we were in the tub at the beach for Easter, she peed twice in the water, so I could appreciate that we were soaking in her bodily fluids. I loved it. 

We talked about her orgasm while she brushed her teeth. She said it wasn't the best but that was probably because her body expects different orgasms from my mouth or my hands or her hitachi and the mixture seemed to confuse her body as to what to feel. That makes sense to me. My orgasms are all different with different experiences as well. She was surprised I was able to do as much as I did given that we are both very ill. She said she would have sucked my cock but didn't think she could handle breathing properly with her congestion. It definitely made us both feel better. Orgasms always do, and sick or not, you can't stop the signal. ;)

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