Tuesday, April 7, 2015

04/07/2015 • Orange Beach AL Balcony Sex

Posted from our condo RI-PH1205 in Orange Beach, AL

Last night (4:00am this morning), Erin and I had sex on the balcony of our Penthouse suite at the beach condo where we stayed for Easter. 

The beach was deserted but relatively well lit from the high rises and the moon. We stripped off all our clothes and were completely naked on the balcony. The air was a little cool but not too uncomfortable. We stood and kissed for a few minutes ... She made sure to demand no hickeys this time as her sister's wedding is this weekend... before I laid my shirt on the chair and sat her down. I laid my purple boxers on the ground at her feet and knelt in front of her and began licking her pussy and sucking her clit. She. Tasted. Amazing. My fingers found their way inside of her and she slowly started to rock her hips ever so slightly as her arousal built.

I stood and slipped my cock inside of her and, rather awkwardly because of the low height of the chair and proximity of the arm rests to her legs, began to fuck her. I sucked her nipples and kissed at her neck. After a few minutes, I slid out of her pussy and stood her up and took her place in the chair. With her on my lap facing me, I slid into her again and we fucked again. Her feet were wrapped around my legs, I was moaning, not caring who might hear but doubting anyone else was on their balconies at this hour. My hands found their way to her clit and she began riding my cock, using her feet as leverage. I kissed her, her taste still on my tongue as it met hers. 

My orgasm was building and I had to keep reminding myself to stop sucking at her neck. Just as I started to reach the pinnacle, my cock slipped out of her pussy. I slipped back inside and had not realized at first thatI had even had an orgasm, but I had. All sensation lost. I still had a good time and managed to fuck a little while longer though the angle wasn't perfect so I slipped out a few more times before lifting her up to return her to her chair and myself to my knees in front of her sticky wet pussy. 

I licked her pussy again, tasting the salty tang of my sperm mixed with her juices. My fingers slipped inside of her and I sucked on her clit. She started moaning and rocking her hips and before long, her orgasm struck. Her hands were on the arm rests and her entire body came up out of the seat. I did my best to hold onto her and after her body subsided, she realized she was having a really big contraction. A little early as she is just 16 weeks today.

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