Sunday, January 11, 2015

1/11/2015 • Dream about Lynn

Yesterday, Lynn came over to our house after house hunting with my wife. There is a house in our neighborhood that she loves and I am really hoping she will buy it. She's considering putting in an offer. I'd love to have her that close. It would be great for the kids and I just like know she's right there if my wife ever needs anything and we are right here if she does. 

I had a dream last night and she was in it. She was staying over at our house and I was rubbing her feet and licking her toes a little. My wife walked in and Lynn asked if it was ok what I was doing and she responded, "oh, yeah it's fine. He's good at that. He has a thing for feet." After a while, I was running her legs and her back and her butt. Her pants kept sliding down and she was wearing a thong. It was very flirty and fun. I woke up before anything went further. It was a nice dream. 

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