Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/14/2014 • Naked in a Storm (Erin)

October 14, 2014 • Seagrove Beach, Florida BWV14B

Today is our last full day at the beach. We've been down here a month now and we leave early tomorrow morning.

We've had a good time but are actually all ready to be back home with our normal comforts. While we were here, we drove to Alabama twice: once to eat at Lambert's Cafe and the other to visit the National Museum of Naval Aviation and then eat at Doc's Seafood Shack. The kids loved playing on the playground outside of Lambert's. There are signatures all over the wooden train structure so we added our own. Predictably, I wrote Jason love Erin and J+E with a heart around it. Erin wrote E+J (we do think alike) and rather unpredictably also added a Firefly quotes "I aim to misbehave" to which I added  "also, I can kill you with my train". She thought it was funny.

We let the kids do their thing in the condo quite a bit and Erin and I went out with just the two littles, with the occasional addition of a bored sibling. We walked to Seaside several times and once to Watercolor, that particular walk found us caught in a thunderstorm and we had to wait it out before walking back. We ate at all our favorite restaurants: Angelina's, Barefoot Barbecue, Bruno's, Pickles, Thomas' Donuts, Zaxby's, Whataburger, Ama Vida, Seagrove Market Cafe... and tried a few new places as well: McGuire's (when we spent the day at Harborwalk Village), Southern Cafe, The Donut Hole, and La Cocina Mexican Grill.

We went to the beach a half a dozen times with two drives to Cape San Blas. We had another big fight the first time so we wanted a do-over. Sex has been pretty sparse though we did have a week of every other day: mostly quickies. We didn't get the toys out. Mostly I am disappointed with our sexual connection this trip, bad luck I guess. We booked our next trip using our DVC points in January. Perhaps that trip will be better. 

Last night, we started watching Buffy on Netflix. I was naked and Erin had on her PJ's and warmed her very cold feet on my cock. Eventually, she shifted to her hand and idly stroked me while we watched the show. There was a terrible thunderstorm. Erin was actually a little scared and clung to me. I loved that. She checked her phone and there were several warnings for our area including flash flood and a tornado watch. That made her more nervous. The wind was howling. It was crazy. She commented about the beach toys we had left on the balcony, hoping they were still there.

She got up to look out and see what it looked like outside and I joined her. The kids were all asleep by now. It was 2:00 in the morning. I opened the patio door and she said, "I wasn't planning on going out there." I commented that I was going to get the beach toys. She reminded me, "Um... You're naked." Yes. I was.

The wind blew the very heavy rain onto the balcony in waves like a storm at sea it was very cold. The bag of toys had blown over and they were scattered behind the seats, all over the balcony, and some collected in the corner by the boogie boards. I took my time picking them up, freezing though it was. I love being naked outside and I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could. Lighting was frequent and Erin wondered if the neighbors might see me while looking out their condos to see the storm. It was so loud, and the Lightning so close that it was very likely people were awake doing just that. I hoped so. I'd love to have been seen actually. 

By the time I finished collecting the sand toys and handing everything in to Erin, I was drenched. I didn't realize exactly how cold I was until I stepped back into the air conditioning. I dried off with a towel and hugged Erin and said it was her turn warm me. She hugged back and then suddenly had a sharp pain in her stomach out of nowhere. We laid back in bed and she clung to me while we finished watching Buffy. She apologized for her stomach ache and not going further with the handjob. She said she had intended to. I thanked her for what she did do and we went to sleep as the storm finally calmed down. 

I joked that I guess I should have waited and she said, "Oh, you loved it. I know you... You loved being out there naked. Now you have a thing where you can say you were naked in a storm." She's right. She does know me very well indeed. 

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