Sunday, August 17, 2014

08/17/2014 • Dream: Kissing Her Sister (Lynn)

August 17, 2014 • Posted at Home in Indianapolis, IN

We spent the day with my wife's sister, Lynn, yesterday. Her fiancé had something to do with work for the day and she had his kid alone with her so she asked if we could get the kids together and do something fun. We had planned to go to a dairy farm nearby but it rained so we had to find something else to do. While we talked about it, I took some candid pictures of Lynn's shoes. I suggested the Children's Museum and we drove up together, all of us in our big van, and I bought a Family +2 membership so she wouldn't have to pay. This is as close to a "date" as I can muster with her. Paying her way, which I've done for fourteen years now: vacations, day trips, dinners... even a flight to come stay with me us when we lived in Arizona.

I hadn't realized how much I've missed her. We used to be really close. We would text all the time... mostly about her boyfriends or dating situations or sex (she was a virgin with questions... she's not a virgin any more though.) but over the past three years things have changed. She's nice enough to me but rarely texts me. I miss that. Yes, partly because of how I feel about her but mostly because she was my only real friend outside of my wife.

I snapped a few pictures of her here and there while taking pictures of the kids having fun. She left her jacket in the van and I brought it in last night. It smells like her and I just want to keep it forever but I know she will need it back. She called her fiancé on the way back home to get her car and told him "I love you" when it was time to hang up. It was mixed emotions for me. It hurt hearing her say it out loud when I've never gotten to hear her say it to me but it was also just so wonderful to hear her say the words, even though they will never be meant for me. 

Last night, I fell asleep cuddling my wife. We went to bed late, as we have been these past several weeks, a little after 3am. And in my dream, I got to see her sister again. 

The Dream:
My wife, her sister, the baby, and I were all together. And while my wife knows in real life that I have feelings for her sister (the one person she does not want me to have feelings for), in the dream, it was ok. I kissed my wife and we made out a little. Then a few minutes later, she and her sister were sitting on the bed. I laid them back and pressed their faces towards each other until their lips met. They didn't kiss (they're sisters) but they went along with it. We were all laughing and I leaned forward between them and we had sort of a three way kiss. Playful. Fun. A joke. Not sexual at all. 

We got up and my wife started to get ready to go wherever we were heading off to and I walked up to her sister and put a hand on each arm and looked at her while I held her there. Determined to kiss her for real. I leaned into her and she didn't resist. I kissed her lips. Just a peck. My wife smiled at me from behind her and motioned her encouragement for me to really kiss her. I leaned in again and this time, lips parted, and tongues met and we kissed. And she tasted as wonderful as her jacket smells, but her body was a little stiff. I held eye contact with her as I pulled away, hesitant to see her response. She was just looking back at me with a smile that reached her eyes. She was beaming and I was happy and my wife was proud of me and everything seemed so perfect. Shortly after, I woke up. What a wonderful dream. ❤️

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