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6/20/2014 • Beach Week (Erin)

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Written June 20, 2014 (Florida) - SGB Legacy 503

It's been a fun week here at the beach. It was an impromptu trip. Planned literally at the last minute when we got a 35% off deal from on of the rental companies. 

Unfortunately, Erin and a few of the kids got sick and that cut into our fun quite a bit, but we got to eat at most of our favorite restaurants and visit most of our usual haunts. We've both agreed we need at least two weeks here in the future. The month long trips we've taken over the past couple of years have probably spoiled us a bit. 

Despite feeling ill... Bad colds for her and migraines and tension for me... we have managed to connect on this trip. We fought for half a day but caught ourselves and just decided to stop and enjoy the trip. We've been cuddly and cute. Writing notes in the sand to each other... Shopping together... Watching Redbox DVDs and drinking coffee late at night... and we've had a little sexy fun too.

A few nights ago, I got in the tub to see if the jets might help my tension and migraine and I asked if she wanted to join me. She did. At one point she shifted sideways so her feet were dangling out over the edge of the tub. I told her that in our old house, before I told her about my sexual interest in her feet, I used to fantasize about her in a position exactly like that, masturbating with the jet water while I sucked on her toes and kissed her feet. I told her she should enjoy the jets. Maybe the orgasm would help her relax too. She commented that her orgasms were much better when I licked her pussy and added that the angle was wrong anyway... She was too low. My leg was partially under her so I flashed her a little grin and lifted her up so the water was hitting the right spot. 

She said I could get out and fulfill my fantasy if I wanted to, but she liked having me cozy in the tub with her. I opted to stay and caressed her face and neck... Pinched and pulled on her nipples... Scratched and clawed at her chest and boobs... choked her a little... and rubbed her clit while she let the water jet do its work on her pussy. Soon, her eyes were closed, her hand was stroking my cock, her breathing became deeper and heavier... and then with a burst of suddenness her back arched and her lips parted with a single moan as she came.

I loved watching her and I told her how it made me feel like I was a part of her masturbation... an extension of her body in her most intimate and private moment. It isn't easy for her to open up like that... even to me. We both carry more than a typical burden of shyness and social anxiety and while there are very few boundaries between us, there are still a few things that will make us blush... even after two decades together.

I laid back against the tub, back to letting the jets do their work on my shoulders and neck. Happy with the experience as it was. But she wanted me to be pleasured also. And her fingers found their way again to my cock and she stroked me while I relaxed. Soon, she had fingers from each hand on either side of my balls and massaged them and rolled them in her hands. It was a relatively novel experience and totally melted me. I told her how wonderful and relaxed she was making me feel. I was relaxed and excited at the same time... wonderfully conflicting sensations battling for my attention.

And despite her sore throat, she told me simply that she was going to pleasure me with her mouth. And with that, she leaned forward as I opened my eyes and before my vision adjusted, I felt the warmth of her tongue and lips. I didn't expect it to continue to orgasm, as it usually doesn't and she was not feeling at her best that night. But she apparently was determined to see it through. Her left hand rubbed my perineum and balls while her right hand stroked by shaft and her lips were slippery on the head of cock. I was close... still very turned on from watching her cum.

I pulled her right hand up to my lips and began to suck on each of her fingers. I closed my eyes and replayed her masturbation in my mind. Her breathing. Her feet dangling in the air over the edge. And my mind turned over my fantasy and had me on my knees outside the tub. Her fingers in my mouth became her toes and I lavished them with affection. And with that image, I crossed over the threshold and came in her mouth. I opened my eyes and watched her as she held and swallowed both the first and second spurts of cum but the third and fourth and fifth flowed out between her lips and my shaft.

I regretted deeply that she felt ill. If I did not have to drive us all home safely, I would have risked kissing her and sharing my cum with her. I leaned to do just that but her look stayed me. I think she knew I was willing to risk it and did not want me sick if it could be avoided. Though I've probably already been exposed. She kept sucking me and the sensitivity was almost more than I could bare, but I let her tease me and push me beyond my limits. Her fingers played with my perineum and then my nipples and my back was arching and I could hardly handle her at all. But I held. And when she was satisfied with her delicious torment and my cock was allowed to fall free from her magnificent lips, she leaned forward and I held her.

Eventually, she leaned back again on the opposite side of the tub and relaxed while I rubbed her feet and sucked on her toes... remembering my fantasy that took me over the edge.

We got out of the tub after a bit and showered my cum off our bodies. It had circulated through the jets and we were fairly well coated in it. We got dressed and watched a movie together while cuddling on the couch. 

She initiated the blow job.... for the first time in several years... And I love her for that. I'll remember this trip for a very long time. 

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