Friday, June 20, 2014

6/15/2014 – Father's Day

Florida –SGB - Legacy 503

Today was Father's Day. We went to the beach today. We were out for about five hours and we all got a little too much sun. For the most part the kids played in a tidal pool where the water was as warm as a bath. One of the other beach-goers had dug out a trench to let it into the Gulf and it was like a small little rapid river flowing out. I took a few pictures of Erin's feet in the water and snuck a peek of her boob by pulling her bikini top over. The beach was very crowded and I was surprised she'd let me do that. I very kik prefer the slower seasons.

We came in and got cleaned up. Erin and I took a shower together but nothing sexual happened. She's on her period. Poor timing that will likely follow us to Puerto Rico also. But we will still make the most of it. 

We had Angelina's for dinner. The kids had spaghetti and pizza. Erin and I shared a salad, Stromboli, lemon shrimp and stuffed mushrooms. We had ice cream for dessert. Green tea ice cream. 

I opened my gift: a stainless steel Doctor Who tumbler and a coral Old Navy flip flop keychain. 

Then we watched Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters. Erin cuddled up next to me on the couch and lightly stroked my balls and cock through my shorts while we sipped our coffee from Tom Thumb across the street.

It was a good day overall. But the kids aren't feeling well now and I had to run to Walmart at midnight all the way over in Panama City Beach to get Children's Tylenol. So much for getting up earlier on this trip. Tomorrow will need to be a slower day. 

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