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6/13/204 • Poly Dream about Erin

06-13-2014 Poly Dream about Erin

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Written 6/13/2014 at home (Indiana)

I had a dream about Erin last night. 

We were renting a huge house in a beach town. Huge enough that other people rented rooms in the house too. We got their first so we got the master and the bedrooms we chose were basically set up the same as the bedrooms are in the house now. 

Erin wanted to be able to see another guy. She had fallen in love with him. His name was Rob, but not the same Rob, and he used to be a car dealer. She was asking me what the problem was. Why could I love whomever I wanted but she couldn't? I told her I was afraid that she would love him more. That the NRE would be amazing and I would become her second choice. Again. She said fine it can just be us and seemed sincere but I told her no. She needs to be free to love who she loves. 

Then a little later we were in the main room and we were supposed to be talking to a relationship/sex counsellor. Erin was pregnant and wanted a cookie so she wasn't really participating but I was answering these questions with another woman what was set up like a game as an ice breaker.

Erin asked if someone could tell her when a minute had gone by. She was wearing really loose fitting clothes and said she needed release and started masturbating. She just needed one minute so she could cum. I went back to playing the game while still watching her out of the corner of my eye and she kept looking at the woman counselor and cuddling up near her while she masturbated. I could tell she really liked her. I did too but I was feeling mixed emotions. Then I woke up. 

I told Erin about the dream later in the day. She blushed. The outright sexuality she expressed in my dream was part of the reason, but mostly, it was the part when she cuddled up to the other woman. A fleeting interest she once had that embarrasses her now. I'm not allowed to speak of it. So perhaps that is why I dream of it. Working out old stories in my head that can't be worked out in conversation. In our almost perfect dynamic of trust, it is the one area off limits. And that of course is very difficult for me. And her too, I imagine. She doesn't want to talk about it. She doesn't want it to have been. She just wants to forget about it. Hormones. Pregnancy hormones. That's all she believes it was. 

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