Wednesday, April 30, 2014

04/30/2014 • He Looks Like Her Love (Rob)

04-30-2014 He Looks Like Her Love (Rob)

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Written April 30, 2014 at home (Indiana)

This is very much how I picture the man who held my wife's heart for most of our marriage. Her childhood crush. The man she dreamt of marrying even while I dreamt of marrying her. 

Of course my imagination has run wild and exaggerated his physique as jealousy has a mind of its own. Still, it looks a bit like him and I cannot blame her for how she felt. I've been unfaithful myself over love and even simple crushes. 

She's over him completely now and I've long since accepted what was, but the memory lingers and with it a small measure of the pain and heartbreak of knowing our love story has a dark chapter. Most do.

And as long as I am being honest, I am still turned on by the thought of her with him.

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