Sunday, May 4, 2014

05/04/2014 Moving In (Erin)

05-04-2014 Moving In (Erin)

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Written May 4, 2014 (Indiana)

We are still in the process of working on the house. We've not even been able to unpack. It's been over two weeks and tensions are high as Erin and I are very stressed with the chaos. We've had a few fights and arguments over nothing because of that.

We put in new carpets. That went amazingly well and we love them. We've had plumbers and electricians and all that went well. New ceiling lights. New water softener and filter. New appliances installed. Finally have a second fridge! We hired and fired painters. Now we are going back through and repainting every room. We've only had sex twice since move in day. Once here and once in a hotel room in Missouri when I took everyone with me on a work trip. It was horrible sex at that.

We watched some Who last night while we painted the kitchen until 4am. That helped. And apparently this weekend is "No bra" weekend and Erin is playing along. So that's been fun. I need to connect with her. Physically. Sexually. Intimately. I miss my best friend. And I know she misses hers. We need to get past the stress. 

I am very much looking forward to getting things done and unpacked. When the painting is finished, Erin has promised to fuck me with her strap on as a reward. I'm very much looking forward to that!

So on we go. Paint. Paint. Paint.

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