Wednesday, April 23, 2014

04/23/2014 • Movers and Plumbers and Painters ... Oh my! (Erin,Jennifer)

04-23-2014 • Movers and Plumbers and Painters ... Oh my! (Erin,Jennifer)

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Written April 23, 2014 at home (Indiana)

We are a week into our move now from Arizona back to the Midwest.

I am ready for this work to be over. Still haven't quite adjusted to eastern time and getting up at 6:30 for the painters (3:30 AZ time, which my body is still stuck on) is about doing me in. I've gotten an average of 4-5 hours of sleep a night since we got here a week ago.

We got all of our things and now it's boxes everywhere that have to be moved so the painters can paint.

We've had a full day with an electrician, interruptions with appliance deliveries and returns and re-deliveries... today will be day two with a plumber and finally getting internet installed. We've pretty much lived in Lowes and Home Depot after these guys are finished working for the day.

All the chaos has been hard on the kids and they are acting up... Ack! I will be very happy when all the work is done and we can just get to the business of unpacking. At least we got to sleep in a real bed last night. :)

It will be very nice when it's all done. I just keep telling myself that. I feel like we are living an HGTV show right now. :P

Things with Erin have been good overall but the stress and lack of sleep has flared a few hiccups. Understandably. We've only managed to have sex just once. In the shower. Just a quickie. I haven't even gotten an opportunity to masturbate. A week is a long long time for me. Probably where the record stands. Time to do something about that I think!

I haven't talked to Jennifer since Easter. Sent her an email this morning. I'm missing her a bit. And just to add insult to injury, none of the movers or painters or electricians or appliance delivery men have been at all worth a second glance. Not that anything would happen but it would be a bonus if a few of the people bringing us craziness were attractive and fun to look at. Mostly everyone has been pleasant and friendly though. It's just a matter of getting through it.

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