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12/1/2013 Chik-Fil-A Sauce (Erin)

12-01-2013 Chik-Fil-A Sauce (Erin)

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Written December 1, 2013 (Indiana) Hampton Inn #204 • Southport, IN
Erin was sitting in the bed after we folded the laundry we had taken to the Laundro-mat. I sat down on the floor at the foot of the bed where her feet were dangling near the floor. I took her right foot in my hands and slowly untied her shoe. She was wearing her gray Vans. I slipped it off and laid it gently on the floor next to the dresser and started to rub her socked foot.

She was wearing her green socks with the thin dark blue stripes. She commented that I owed her some foot love. I rubbed her foot for a bit and went to stand up and she looked at me and said, "Dude... What are you doing? I told you to rub my feet." And so I sat back down and continued. I rubbed and I sniffed and I licked and kissed her socked foot. Her sock was damp, first from her own sweat and then from my kisses.

I slipped her sock off and continued my attention on her bare foot. Kissing. Sucking each toe. Licking between them. Fifteen minutes later, I untied and removed her left shoe, setting it neatly next to its mate on the floor by the dresser. She was talking to the baby on the bed. Cooing at her. She told the baby that I was a good slave and they could just keep me as their slave. She told her that she could make me rub her feet too. A little out there for me. She is my daughter, but I know she was teasing and just wanted to tell me, without telling me directly, that I was her foot slave. I loved it. I love her. And I am exactly that. 

I noticed the Chik-fil-A sauce sitting on the desk. I took it back with me after we were there a few days ago with her mom. I told her then that I wanted to lick it from her feet.

I dipped her big toe in it first. She cringed at the anticipation, expecting it to be cold like the gravy had been in Florida. (I had taken it straight from the fridge.) I took her toe into my mouth like a cock and sucked it clean. Then I rubbed the foil clean across the ball of her foot and dipped her smaller toes liberally in the sauce cup. 

It was not cold at all but the sensation of it between her toes made her cringe a little. She commented that it was the anticipation of it, but that she does like it when I lick her feet clean. Which I did as she teased me. She asked if her feet taste made the sauce better. Or maybe the sauce made her feet taste better. She laughed at me and asked if it tasted like chicken. I just smiled at the teasing and looked up at her while she giggled. I told her I liked it very much. With or without the sauce, I love the taste and scent of her feet. The food is just a game I like to play. Eventually, I switched ringer other foot and licked sauce from it as well. And before long it was time to get the baby ready for bed. And our game came to an end. I can't wait to see what the next thing is that I will lick from her feet. I set the container aside on the dresser. Maybe she will let me finish it. Or maybe she will lick a little from my cock. I can hope. :)

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