Friday, March 21, 2014

03/20/2014 - Fantasy Sex in Georgia (Erin, Keith)

03-21-2014 Fantasy Sex in Georgia (Erin,Keith)

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Written March 21, 2014 (Oglethorpe, Georgia) HI#412

Erin and I had sex in the hotel tonight. I was naked; she from the waste down. I turned her to face away from me so we were laying on our sides spooning. I slipped my cock into her pussy as I closed my eyes and pictured her as a man. Not just any man, but a specific one. A teenage boy in fact. And in my fantasy, I was back as a teenager too. With my neighbor, Keith. 

She commented that I liked the position just so I could look at her ass. She was right. Looking at her ass did help the fantasy.

She caressed my arm and held my hand as I cuddled up to her. Imagining a scenario that I still have yet to accomplish. It was a fun time and actually made me feel so close to her. She knows I have a sexual interest in men of course. It's a secret only two people in my life know about. And sharing it with her this way, albeit unbeknownst to her, makes me feel loved and accepted. And honestly, it was pretty kinky and hot as fuck to do. :)

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