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11/20/2013 Texting Erin the details of Jennifer Date #2

11-20–2013 Texting Erin the details of Jennifer Date #2

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Written November 20, 2013 Rental house (Florida)

I’d had two dates with Jennifer, up to this point. Erin reacted to how quickly things had turned sexual on the first date. I was surprised as well. She saw Jennifer as a slut after that and I didn’t like that at all. So I had tried to downplay what happened on the second date, and ultimately, lied to her. Eventually, I told her more had happened and that Jennifer had given me another blow job, but the one thing Erin really had a hard time with was me going down on another woman. I had done that and continued to leave that out as I came clean about the other things. Eventually, guilt got the best of me. I felt terrible lying to her and I just could not do it any longer, so I told her the truth. She was hurt. Rightfully so. She asked me to give her the play by play. She wanted to be a fly on the way. So I texted her while I sat on the love seat in the bedroom of our beach rental house while she was in the bathroom. It was easier to do without being face to face. For both of us, I think.

Jason: Are we not doing anything tonight? I'm guessing not. 

Erin: Idk. We can I guess 

Jason: If you don't want to that's fine. Just feel like it might help. I can do it myself if you don't want to. I'll give you time to process and all. I just didn't want to do something alone if you for some reason might have wanted to. Trying not to make any more assumptions or take things for granted. I'm going to give you credit and not assume what you do and don't want. 

Erin: I need to pump again. I have a sore spot on my bad boob now. Feels like a blocked duct again. I don't want to end up with mastitis again 

Jason: Ok. Maybe you should take a hot shower. I want to but we don't have to. It's ok. I get it if you are in pain. Plus I kind of don't deserve it. I just wanted to be sure if you for some reason might have wanted to. I would like you to use the belt. If not tonight then soon. And hopefully the balcony and Feeldoe can still be part of our trip. If I lost those then I understand. 

Erin: I'm not in that much pain yet. I hope it doesn't get worse. And what do I get for these things?😏

Jason: My smile? Whatever you want. 
You can have whatever you want anyway though. It's what I do. So really it's just my happiness and appreciation. 

Erin: I want you to be happy. I want us to be happy 

Jason: I know. Me too. I'm sorry for breaking your trust. It won't happen again. 

Erin: Ido like full body massages. 😏
I trust you

Jason: Yes ma'am. But that's a reward for me anyway. 

Erin: So, did you kiss her goodnight? On your dates? 

Jason: Yes

Erin: Like kiss kiss, or peck? 

Jason: Kiss kiss

Erin: Arms wrapped around each other?

Jason: Yes

Erin: I want details remember? 

Jason: I wouldn't even have thought about that kind of detail. 

Erin: You somehow forgot the kiss when you said you got dressed and walked her to the car. 

Jason : I know I told you we kissed hello on the second date. That was just a peck. 

Erin: I want every detail. Fly on the wall....

Jason: Ok. 

Erin: Guess you better start talking then😏

Jason: So a massage for the belt, balcony, and feeldoe?
Oh right now? I was gonna ... take care of business. 

Erin: Maybe a massage for each. And idk about the balcony. Idk if it will be warm enough, or if I will feel hidden enough. 

Jason: Ok. πŸ˜• Maybe I'll go it alone out there. Thought it sounded fun. 

Erin: And details ASAP. Pretty please 

Jason: So no masturbating for me then I guess. Ok.

Erin: Go ahead. But then I want details. 
You have two hands. 😜

Jason: I can't keep up to do that. Kind of turns me on that you know I'm doing it right now though ☺️ I know you'd probably rather not know.

Erin: I don't care. Whatever floats your boat

Jason: ☺️
Ok. Well, On on the way there, there was an accident and she texted me saying she might be late. I went ahead and stopped at Trader Joe's to get the extra tube of toothpaste. When I got there (right on time), I texted her and said to let me know when she got there and I would wait in my car until then. She said she was already inside so I went in.

She was sitting at a table when I walked in. She stood up as I got to the table and kissed me and said she was glad I made it ok. It was just a peck. We ordered and ate. I had a cannoli. It was awful. I didn't finish it and felt a little guilty for that when she said she was paying. We talked for a little (I don't remember about what exactly... just small talk) and then she suggested we walk so I said ok.
The end.

Erin: Yeah right 

Jason: I was just seeing if you were paying attention :P

Erin: Ok, fly on the wall, buzzing around you outside, and oh look! that pesky fly got into the minivan too...

Jason: Haha
Hang on. Putting on PJs so you don't have to see me naked when you come out. 
So we started walking north on Gilbert, toward Trader Joe's. There was a small car lot behind a building where they refurbished old classic cars and sold them. She wanted to look real quick so we walked back. I thought she had ulterior motives but she didn't. She just wanted to see the cars. She asked if I liked old cars and I told her they were cool to look at but I am not a car guy. Then we kept walking.

Erin: It doesn't bother me to see you naked. 

Jason: I know but I figured you probably don't want to right now

Erin: Why not? What's the big deal? 

Jason: I lied. And I'm telling you all this. 
I had held her hand up to that point and when we started walking again. She had her hands in her pockets or was fiddling with her phone so I assumed she did not want to hold my hand anymore. She told me the story about when she was doing lesbian stuff with her friend. She said it Started when she was really young. I think she said 5 or 6... I don't remember but it was younger than me and I was 8. She said one of the always pretended to be a guy and that later on her friend told her that she told her mom about it (the friend's mom) and she said she already knew what they did back then. She said she was really embarrassed her friend told her mom that. I told her I was pretty sure my dad probably knew what I was doing too and told her about "the talk" we had about it. She told me about her parents and that they grew weed and sold it but she never has tried it at all. She said her friends would come over and she would play dumb and ask her mom in front of her friends, "What is this plant?" and her mom would say it was just a weed (haha) and would offer to pull them and her mom freaked out and said not to touch them. She said she saw the pot heads who would come buy it from them and that was a big reason why she didn't want to go any further with the divorced guy that she had a date with a couple nights before our first date... he was into it too much. That and she already had decided I was the one she was most interested in.

Jason : Regarding the naked... I mean be honest. Do you really want to see me naked? I know you don't care if I am but do you want to?

Erin: Idk. If you are, you are. 

Jason: So no. 
It's fine. I figured. 

Erin: I tend to prefer people dressed, but I'm a big prude, remember? 

Jason: And so I am dressed. As you prefer. 

Erin: I don't really find people sexually attractive. And I think that clothes lend to personality and who the person is. So it's like there isn't really a place for naked in my mind? Idk. Hard to explain. 

Jason: I get it. 
I asked her if she was heading anywhere specific. I saw on the way to the coffee shop that there was an office complex just up ahead and I figured it would be a good place to go make out since everything was closed. She said not anywhere in particular and then quickly asked me if I had any place in mind. I almost said something about the office complexes but thought that maybe she didn't want to make out since she told me the last time it was not normal for her to go that fast. So I chickened out and said no I was just curious. I asked if she wanted to head back the other direction and she said ok that maybe we could find a place to sit and talk some more.

We got back to the original place where we started and she needed to use the restroom but it was locked. Oh - I forgot, she used the restroom right after the coffee shop there and texted Steve and Rolland for a minute while we sat at a table outside there. She suggested maybe we could find a bar that was open because everything else was closed. I looked on my phone and saw one that said it was still open about a mile away. She asked if I wanted to walk or drive and I said it wasn't that far we could walk. She texted Steve to tell him where she was going. On the way there she said her shoes were not the best for walking. The sidewalk had ended and we were walking on a sort of dirt path along the side of the road. The houses were looking a bit sketchy and she commented about where was I leading her. It took a little longer than I thought it would take to walk there and when we got there, they had started putting chairs up and we realized the online hours were wrong and they were closing in 20 minutes so we walked back. She said she saw a sports bar near where we started and was that ok. I said yes and asked why she didn't say something if it was right there and she assumed I didn't want to go there or I would have said something because we literally had walked right in front of it twice. We went inside and sat at the bar and ordered beers. She asked why I was so nervous. I told her I wasn't at all actually and she leaned in and kissed me. There were other people sitting at the bar and I was surprised that she did that in front of everyone. We talked about our families... she talked about Steve's hick family in Kansas and the guy (I think his brother) who had posted on FB that he had a girlfriend and that was how his wife found out and divorced him and that was the talk of the whole town because it basically ran on gossip and how she was the somehow the family mediator and had to tell him he could not bring his new girlfriend to his father's funeral. We finished the beers and asked for the check and I paid. She left to run the credit card and get other drink orders and we kissed a little more at the bar. She stopped and said the check was ready and I realized the bartender (a woman) had dropped it off while we were sitting right there kissing. I was a little embarrassed. We went out to get in the car. I suggested maybe we should move it but she thought the spot was fine. We got inside and I noticed a fly had gotten in too and I shooed it out and it flew away. The end.

When we got in the car, we climbed in the back seat and we were kissing. She climbed on top of me and sat on my lap and was grinding herself into me. This went on for a few minutes and then she pulled off her top and her bra and then started to work on my shirt. When my shirt was off, she sat in the seat and pulled me toward her to kiss more. Then she kicked off her shoes and pulled her pants off. I was just shocked. I didn't know what to say. She pulled me back to her and we kissed more and then she sort of put a little pressure on my shoulders and was guiding me down a little. I kissed her boobs thinking that was what she wanted and she kept up the pressure and I just let her push me down the rest of the way. I put my finger inside of her and rubbed her g-spot ... it took me a few seconds to find it... and then she kept sort of guiding me to her so I went with it. I only licked her clit I did not lick anywhere else. After a couple of minutes, she pushed me away from her and said she needed a breath. I took that as the opportunity to stop and I went back to her boobs and then kissed her again although I don't really think she intended for me to stop at that point. She didn't say anything else. I sat back in the seat and she started to undo my pants and pulled them down. I kicked my legs free and she started to give me a blow job. I put my fingers in her while she did it and she was moaning and had an orgasm after a little while. She switched to using her hand and started licking my balls and nothing was going anywhere really so I moved her hand to my leg and I started to masturbate myself. She kept licking me and when I came it got all over her face. I could tell she was a little surprised but she didn't say anything bad. She kissed me again and then I found her some Wendy's napkins to clean herself up. We got dressed and walked out to her car and she said she was going to really miss me while I was gone and promised to send me vulgar pictures so I would not lose interest or forget about her. She said it would be ok if I sent her pictures too, whatever I was comfortable sending. We kissed goodbye and then she got in her car. I got in mine and drove home. Then the fly was hurt by al the details it saw and it left the car and told me it never wanted to see me again. :(

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