Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10/21/2013 - Date #2 (Jennifer)

Jennifer and I had our second date. We met at Romeo's Euro Café in Gilbert for coffee and dessert. She had a pecan bar and I had a cannoli. We both had a cappuccino. We kissed when I first arrived and I held her hand a bit while we talked. She paid.

We walked north up Gilbert Road for quite a while and then crossed the street to head back. We held hands a little but mostly just walked. She told me about her same sex experiences with her best friend from ages 5-17. One of them would always pretend tone a guy. Her friends' mom realized what they were doing. Itold her about my cousin teaching us to masturbate and how that turned into more. 

We walked the other direction to go to a bar that was supposed to be open according to their online hours but they had closed early so we walked back and realized there was a sports bar right where we had started. She had a couple of bud lights on draft and I have two coronas. She offered to pay and I insisted that I pay. We talked about her family in Kansas a lot. I told her about my siblings. She was interested in the dynamics because she is an only child. We made out a bit at the bar and then headed back over to the Kia.

It was parked right off Gilbert Road on a busy road people took to get back into the neighborhood. A police car came through pretty quick while we were in there. 

Her clothes started coming off almost as soon as we were in the back seat. First her shoes (flats this time) and then her top. She was on my lap in the back seat.  "No hickies," she reminded me. He bra came off as well as I was kissing her neck and chest. I spent quite a bit of time sucking her nipples as I slid my hands into the back of her pants. 

I took off my shirt and she unbuckled her belt. I took the hint and started unbuttoning her pants while we kissed. My fingers found her pussy... She had on a thong. Before I knew it, her pants were off and I flipped her onto the seat and kissed my way down her chest and stomach and kissed her through her panties. She was getting really hot and I couldn't take it anymore. I slid her panties to the side and buried by face between her thighs.

She smelled amazing and there just aren't words for how she tastes. She was so wet. So delicious. So hot. I probes her pussy with my tongue and fingers and licked and sucked on her clit while she pushed my head into her and moaned. She told me to suck her clit hard. I obeyed and she rewarded me with her first orgasm of the night. She had to ask me to let her catch her breath.

Reluctantly, I came back up to kiss her and it told her I love how she tastes. She told me she does too. Then she said she wanted to suck my dick and so I slid my jeans and boxers off while she kissed me. She sucked my nipples and kissed her way down my body and sucked my cock and balls for a long time. I was moaning and bucking my hips and used her hair to push her head up and down on my cock. I got close to orgasm a few times but didn't cum. My fingers found her pussy then I fingered her ass. She started moaning and sucking harder and I lubed up my finger in my mouth... she tasted amazing... And I slid it back in deeper into her ass. She alternated between sucking and jerking me and was jerking so hard she was hitting my balls on each down stroke and it was quite the mixture
of pain and pleasure. She moved to kick my balls again and I took my cock in my hand and started to masturbate. She licked and sucked hard right on my perineum and I told her "yes, right there" and after a few more strokes, I came all over my hand and her face and shoulder. She kept sucking my cock and balls and then looked up at me and said I needed to clean her up this time. I kissed her and my cum was on her lips and tongue. We kissed and kissed. I swallowed what she didn't and liked up my cum from her chin and shoulder as my fingers found her pussy again... not even thinking until it was too late that they may still have had cum on them. She forced her tongue deep into my ear as she bucked on my fingers. I slipped another finger into her ass and soon, she came while we kissed. I licked my fingers clean and we just cuddled and hugged for several minutes. 

We slowly got dressed. First her bra. My pants. Kissing. Cuddling. Feelings out all over the place. Her pants. More kissing. My hands found her feet and I rubbed lightly over them. She asked me how many girlfriends I've had since I've been married. I said, "Three if I include you." She smiled at me and I said two for her. She said, "The two she told me about and now I make three if she can include me." I told her I liked being included. We kissed some more and held each other tight. Finally we put on our shirts and shoes.

I handed her purse to her and some See's candies that I had jokingly promised her when I wished her a happy sweetest day. We kissed. I walked her to her car. We kissed and talked about how much we will miss each other while I am on vacation. We promised pictures. Dirty pictures. And we kissed. And said goodbye. And kissed again. 

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