Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10/15/2013 Jennifer

I have a date this week. Thursday at 7:15pm at a Starbucks in Chandler. Her name is Jennifer and we have been texting for nearly a week now. She's very pretty and I'm already feeling a connection with her. I'm already in deep enough emotionally that I could get hurt. And that could be a problem. She has been honest enough to tell me it takes time for her to build trust and often finds herself running for the hills when she gets too close to someone. A relationship could be very good or very bad. I'm willing to take the risk. There is something about her. 

Obviously, it's too soon to say how I feel about her exactly... but there is a sense of familiarity with her. I think about her all day. I can't wait to meet her and I love it when she says my name, even if only on text. I'm in love with the idea that this could go somewhere. 

Jennifer is married and polyamorous. She told me she's had two relationships while married: one short and one long. The long one did not end well, she alluded to it being she who ended it and she who was hurt. He called her yesterday and that threw her a bit. 

She has two children? 2.5 and 5 and she is a stay at home mom. She used to work in Work Comp so we have a similar work experience to a degree. 

She lives just over an hour away in Glendale. That could have pros and cons to it, but it's not unworkable. 

She has a date tonight. She'd made it before we set our date. She told me she though about canceling it but I told her that was unfair. She's more excited about the date with me as a poly person but is going. 

I'm torn. I told her as much. In wishes her good luck with her date ... it seems she's had bad luck on a lot of first dates lately... so I do hope she has a good time. But not as good a time, I guess as with me. I could lose her before I have her. 

I feel almost like I miss someone I've never even met. I hope all this build up does not end in disappointment for either of us. 

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