Wednesday, June 19, 2013

06/18/2013 Careless!!

June 18, 2013 - Posted from my hotel in Illinois

I cannot believe how careless I was this morning. I was stupid. I'm at a conference for work and I let two of my peers talk me into adding them to my personal twitter account. I have (now had) two accounts: my normal personal account and my private naughty account. I'll admit as I did to my coworkers that I am not really a fan of Twitter and I don't really get it. They made an effort to explain it to me and I was playing slightly dumb because I really didn't care. In the end though, I added them both. Big mistake. 

One of them tweeted a photo from the conference and "mentioned" me in it. Thinking, ok I'll give this a try, I retweeted it. Somehow, it apparently retweeted it from my private naughty account. I did not realize this.

So later in the evening, we are all sitting together and I hear one of them ask the other, "Do you know anyone else named (my name) on Twitter?" Immediately I took notice as I heard my name and could tell from the sound of her voice that something was off. She replied that she didn't and asked why. She said someone retweeted the photo she tweeted earlier and she did not know the person. I put it together at that point and was quite shocked when she turned her phone to the other coworker to show her the profile of the offending re-tweeter and there I was in all my naked glory on her phone... fortunately facing away from the camera with my face buried between my wife's legs (whom they have also met). Of course my wife's face was cropped out of the photo too. I probably turned ten shades of red and feigned surprise and asked, exasperated, what the heck she was looking at on her phone. She brought me up to speed and both said they only knew one (my name) on Twitter (me) and then they both laughed and said and I know it's not him! I confirmed that it was not and laughed. Great. Now two of my female coworkers have seen my bare ass... well all of me bare from behind. They have seen me licking pussy, in a very submissive position. They do not realize it, but they've seen me eating my own cum from her pussy.

Fortunately I have a decidedly innocent reputation as a naive, uncultured, pure Christian and they could not at all fathom that this could possibly be me. I went to use the restroom and took the time to start googling and removing every account with that user name, including the twitter account (after removing the retweet of course). Of course, because of cached and archived search engines, the result will still come up in a search for the name with a snippet preview of the website, but nothing is there when you click on it. That was a relief to get it shut down, but there are two preview snippets that will hang me. One has the city and state I live in. The other has my wife's name, which of course they know. My name is a very common name. But add in the city and name of my wife and it's easy to come to the correct conclusion that the odds are stacked against it. I just hope that search doesn't happen. At least not until those cached results (hopefully) go away. What won't go away is the tumblr reblogs that have my wife's name in it. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. 

So I'm going to have to make some changes to my blog entries and go back to a more anonymous approach. And of course I have to retire that user name entirely. It makes me sad. I loved it. If she figures it out, I hope she keeps it to herself. This could be bad for me.

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