Thursday, May 16, 2013

05/15/2013 • The OKCupid Kissing Test

May 15, 2013 • Posted from our rental house in Seagrove Beach, FL

❤ My results on The OKCupid Kissing Test ❤

The Real Deal

You are 59% Passionate, 62% Romantic, and 53% Experienced!

Wow, Real Deal. You've got it going on.

When hot young things dream of the perfect kiss, they dream of you. Not only are you both passionate and romantic, you also know what the hell you're doing. You've achieved a rare balance between physical and emotional, and that's reflected in your make-out manner. You're creative, intuitive, and flexible. You can be gentle or aggressive, depending on your partner's preferences and you're usually as romantic as is appropriate for the situation. Your kisses are both sexy and meaningful, and those who get your amazing kisses are unlikely to forget them. This is the part where we tell you who to kiss next. And we'd tell you to stick to other Real Deals, but the truth is that we want them for ourselves.

If you're just looking for hot-and-heavy makeout action, try The Vixen  or The Rogue. If you're looking for someone to smooch on the regular, check out The Boyfriend or The Girlfriend (they're a lot like you, but they haven't achieved your level of mastery just yet. Teach them, o wise one.)

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