Sunday, May 12, 2013

05/11/2013 • Feeldoe

May 12, 2013 • Posted from our rental house in Seagrove Beach, FL

Erin and I had an amazing night. After talking a lot about her sexual orientation ... and mine (we spent part of the day sending each other gay porn pics that we each liked... Lesbians for her and gay men for me), we were in bed and she was watching lesbian porn on her iPhone while she played with my cock as I watched "forced" bisexual cuckold porn turned on. She turned hers off after a while and started sucking my cock.

After a while, I suggested she could finger me and told her I brought some latex gloves. She said ok and I pulled the gloves out of the toy bag and she noticed I had brought all my favorites with me. I suggested maybe we could try the Feeldoe and she said sure. 

She sucked me some more while fingering my ass. It felt wonderful. And after a short while, I asked her to fuck me. She took off her clothes and lubed up her end of the Feeldoe with coconut oil and slid it in her pussy. We added a harness to make things easier and she let me take a few pics. 

She laid down on the bed and I got on my knees and told her I was her bitch and I wanted to suck her cock. She giggled and said ok. I turned on the vibrator inside the Feeldoe and started sucking her. I have her my phone and let her take pictures of me. She told me it was really turning her on watching me and she liked the way the movements made the Feeldoe move inside of her.

I licked her balls and sucked her cock and tried to deep throat her a little. She commented that I should find a man because I'd be really good at this. I really enjoyed making eye contact with her and having her watch me.

I laid on the bed on my back and asked her to penetrate me. At first it hurt. A lot. I didn't know if I was ready. She commented about how much larger my cock was than the Feeldoe and asked me how I expected to fuck a real man if I couldn't handle the toy. We lubed more a tried again. Slower this time. I was expecting pain but it didn't happen. She slid all the way inside of me and it felt amazing. Fucking amazing!

After a while, we tried doggy style with her standing at the edge of the bed and me bent over it. With her pregnant belly, she had a little trouble maneuvering and she kicked my feet apart and told me to spread 'em. She spanked me a little and I masturbated as she fucked me. Soon I was standing too. It felt great, but I wanted to be fucked missionary again because it hit my prostate better.

I laid back down and this time she stood at the edge of the bed and fucked me. I had my ankles on her shoulders and she laughed at the role reversal. In was moaning and fucking myself with her cock now... Pushing down into her and pulling her ass toward me. She started going fast and hard and in started to masturbate and when I finally came, I was writhing on the bed... Moaning... I couldn't control my own body and I came and came and came. There was so much cum. She was impressed. I felt amazing. We laid there cuddling after and all I can say is I was feeling this warm all over tingling after glow. I loved it so much! And she had a great time too! :)

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