Thursday, May 2, 2013

05/02/2013 • Polyamory Dream

May 2, 2013 • Posted from home (Arizona)

I just woke up from the most amazing and complicated dream.

I had found someone that I really clicked with and Erin clicked with her too. We really felt like it was going somewhere and we were both very happy and very hopeful. It was setting up to be a long term relationship; a Vee with me at the hub that was possibly becoming a triad.

She was tall, thin, and brunette. A little nerdy but more outgoing and self aware than either Erin or myself but we were ok with that.

She left and Brittany texted me. I told her I had been giving her space and it was hard because I missed her. She wanted to give things another try and we talked some more and the feelings were still there. So we were going to give it another go.

Then my Dad, his wife, my older brother, and my older sister came out to Phoenix to see us. The argument with my father persisted. Our daughter, that Erin is pregnant with now, was about eight months old and reminded me a lot of our baby now. We came out to my family about our poly lifestyle and told them they could accept it or leave. My siblings were great about it. My father and his wife, not so much.

So I left. Then the dream switched and I'd been traveling for work. I was in kind of a fog and couldn't remember which apartment was mine. It wasn't my main home with Erin but a separate apartment I had kept. I tried several but kg key did not work. It finally worked in one that seemed familiar but wasn't the one I was looking for. When I went in, there was a thin, beautiful red head woman on the couch. I realized this was an old apartment that I had forgotten I even had. There was a little red haired girl playing by the door. And there was a baby laying on a mattress on the floor.

I immediately recognized the woman as someone I had slept with a year or so ago. I asked and she said the baby was mine. I was half scared and half elated. I asked her why she hasn't called me. She said she didn't want to force me to participate in the baby's life or hers. It was my choice but she missed me and loved me. I said of course I do and was about to explain the poly situation and then realized she already knew all that. I kissed her first on the lips and then, realizing she was naked, I lightly kissed her pussy lips a few times as well. She giggled and said my neared was tickling her. I said, "Oh yes, this is new since I last saw you, isn't it?" She said it was and smiled and bit her lip a little and said, "but I really like i!"

Then, I woke up as I leaned in to kiss her again, thinking how happy Erin would be when I told her this news.

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