Sunday, April 21, 2013

4/21/2013 • Christina Dream

April 21, 2013 • Posted from home (Arizona)

I had a very short but very realistic dream last night about Christina.

We were in a condo that was connected to our corporate office and Christina walked in and my mom and I had been talking about my crush on her (the dream mom was aware of my open marriage). When she came in, my mom smirked at me and told Christina I was in love with her. Christina looked at me and stammered a bit and burst into tears and ran from the room.

I caught up with her and she was really upset. I tried to explain to her that I just had a crush on her and she started to calm down and said that's all it is? And I said a pretty big one but yes. She asked what about Erin and I told her we are in an open marriage and she had a slight look of half surprise half horror and started to get angry with me and I woke up.

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