Sunday, April 21, 2013

04/21/2013 • Getting Closer to Brittany

April 21, 2013 • Posted from home (Arizona)

Brittany and I have been texting quite a bit over the past couple of days. I'm really crushing on her bad. Erin loves seeing me all giddy but also still has to process her feelings on it. It leaves me feeling half elated and half guilty. But she reassures me that she is ok and this is what she wants. She's commented about maybe finding someone herself... to make me jealous. She feels a little left out.

Her birthday is coming up on Thursday and we're going to so something fun but we don't know what yet. We have to qt match our money a bit because we have the beach trip coming up in a couple of weeks.

I have two dates on the calendar with Brittany: Date #2 we plan to meet after work on Tuesday. She wants to go somewhere private to talk. She made a comment that she wishes we could get closer faster and asked me if I'm an intimate person and like to kiss and hold hands and hug and cuddle regularly. Of course I love all of those things. We talked about a park or coffee shop.

Date #3 we plan to go to a movie on Saturday to see Oblivion. It will be fun and I'm sure I'll get to hold her hand. :)

I told her I almost held her hand on our first date while we were walking around and she said she wished I had. She was hoping for a kiss but was also self conscious because there were so many people walking around. She told me she liked my eyes and really liked my facial hair, but also really liked my mouth. She suspected I'd be great to kiss as soon as she saw me in person. I'm so nervous about that but I do want to kiss her.

I feel like a teenager in some ways with all of this. It's been wonderful so far and it's also made me feel even closer to Erin as well.

We plan that one day a week, usually Sunday, will be just for us. A fun family day. No work and no other people dates. I'm looking forward to our breakfast date today. :)

Life is good. I'm happy. Very happy.

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