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04/19/2013 • First date with Brittany

April 19, 2013 • Posted from an airplane

I met a woman on OK Cupid. Her name is Brittany and she came up as a quick match. I thought she was pretty and her profile made her sound interesting, but she had it listed that she wanted contact from single people, so I respected that and moved on.

She saw that I had visited her profile and sent me a message saying hi. We got to talking and really seemed to hit it off except that she wasn't quite sure about being a participant in an open marriage. She asked lots of questions and it was really easy talking to her.

She turned the conversation to sex by asking about my relationship with Erin: Did we still have a healthy sexual relationship or did I get those needs met often elsewhere? In other words, do I regularly hook up. I don't though that was where the open marriage concept was originally intended to go. I did it more or less with Lindsay though there were feelings there, mostly from her to me. And again with Sara, which was entirely a hook up in every sense of the phrase. But after talking through those experiences, Erin and decided to try moving things more in a poly direction and we've also discussed the idea of maybe eventually trying a swinging experience. So long and short of it, I am looking for more than a hook up and open to seeing where that might go

It turns out she has hooked up on several occasions over the past few years... about once every other month on average. She's regularly tested and clean and admits that she did have hooking up with me in her mind when she first contacted me... though she also asked after our date if something serious was an option for me. It might be. I hope it can be.

We met for gelato yesterday and talked for an hour. I had a really good time and totally bombed the goodbye with a pathetic half-side hug. I am really not good at that part of the dating thing. But I didn't bomb it too much... she wants to see me again soon. We're looking at Tuesday. We'll only have an hour so I'm not sure what we'll do, but I can't wait to see her again. I'm definitely swimming in some healthy NRE right now. :)

Erin and I had some pretty amazing sex last night. She's ok with the date and processing it. She feels a little left out but also happy for me and wants it to continue. I'm flying to St. Louis now and I wish I didn't have to leave right after. That was probably not the best planning.

I'm looking forward to our breakfast date on Sunday morning. :)

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