Friday, February 1, 2013

02/01/13 • January / February Resolutions

February 1, 2013 • Posted from home (Arizona)


January has ended and I didn't quite get all of my resolutions in. I'll give myself a C. I'll have to do better in February.

I wasn't able to lose any weight. I ended up weighing exactly the same! I was doing great until the two weeks of travel at the end of the month! I have to figure something out for those weeks when I'm in a hotel. I also just plain forgot about having a sex toy on the list, so I'll be catching that one up this month... in addition to using one with Erin. She mentioned today that perhaps we should get a couple more new toys. She wants a better vibrator. The one she has is weak and the Hitachi is too much. She hasn't been able to have a decent orgasm without my help in several weeks. Maybe it's a pregnancy thing... or maybe I'm that good! lol

She did get her hour long massage. Asked me if I was trying to butter her up for a sexual favor. I said nope. I just wanted to give her a nice long massage. She deserves it.

I did reconnect with an old friend. Two in fact: Cher and Doug. Doug and I chatted on Skype for a long time. It was hat talking to him again. He's a great friend and I can really open up with him.

I checked two things off my bucket list: playing with striped socks (Erin's) and sex on an excersise ball.

I had a goal of 35 orgasms. I had 39.

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