Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2000: Drawing • Shared

January 15, 2013 • Posted from home

I drew this sometime around the year 2000.

Her husband noticed first how the man on the other side of the deck was eyeing his wife. It was a warm day and they'd had a nice evening sipping iced tea and enjoying what would have been an amazing view of the lake in front of the mountains, had it not been for the fog.

They were alone, aside from the man who seemed to be mentally undressing his wife for the past two hours. This is where they first met and he had intended to fuck her in this very spot, once the last patron had left. He was leaving until he had what they came here for.

He toyed with the idea of fucking her right in front of the man. If he wanted a show, they could certainly give him one, but he imagined it would only encourage the man even more and she'd had offers, far to many times, from strange men who wanted to fuck her. No, her pussy was his. No one was putting their cock in her pussy but him. But, he thought to himself, her mouth on the other hand...

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