Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2000: Drawing • Nude in a Barn

January 15, 2013 • Posted from home

I drew this sometime around the year 2000.

This is a picture of a random woman, naked in a barn. Sex in a barn is probably one of the first things that I would have called a bucket list item, even before I had an actual written bucket list.
As a teen, I loved pics of women naked and having sex in barns. The cowgirl thing really turned me on... especially a woman naked in boots.

I imagined, in this case, coming into what appeared to be an old abandoned barn perhaps to get out of the rain, and finding a woman waiting there, naked... perhaps she owned it... or perhaps she had stopped to get in out of the rain as well. She'd been masturbating until she heard footsteps outside the barn.

She peeked through the cracks in the boards and saw me coming. Nervously, she sat back down and waited for me to enter, knowing full well that I'd have no chance of resisting her naked body and soon she'd have me inside of her, fucking, as the rain pounded on the roof and wind howled between the boards, and the thunder applauded as we fucked long into the night.

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