Thursday, January 31, 2013

01/31/13 • The Window was Open

January 31, 2013 • Grand Prairie, Texas hotel

So... I've just spent the past two hours packing my suitcase. I'm naked of course as I am always naked when I am in my hotel room or working in my office. 

I've been walking about all over the room without a thing on for over two hours now. And I just now realized that the curtains on my first floor window are not closed all the way. There is a good five inch space between the curtains.

My room is near the main entrance to the hotel. It also happens to be immediately in front of the primary parking spaces that were empty when I pulled in. It is full of cars now. I can see the cars outside just fine. And there is plenty of light in here. Pretty much zero chance that I wasn't seen by someone. Hmmm... I wonder if pics of me will end up on anyone else's blog tonight.

So embarrassing... but what can you do? I admit... I am a bit turned on by the idea though. I hope they enjoyed what they saw.


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