Friday, January 25, 2013

01/25/13 • Talking about Sex (Lynn)

January 25, 2013 • Posted from the airport in Orlando, FL

I am sitting here in the airport, texting with my wife's sister about her sex life while my boss and a coworker are sitting just a few feet a way from me. She's been seeing a guy for a little while. She's 29 years old and still a virgin. She went as far as giving her first boyfriend a blow job and she's "been naked" and "done stuff" with this one but that's all the details I have.

She is asking for my advice on whether or not she should have sex with him. I wanted to advise her that she should have sex with someone who loves her and so I'm a better choice, but instead I just asked her whether or not she wants to have sex with him and her response was “YES I DO!”

Ultimately, I told her that it is her decision. If she wants to do it, then she should seriously consider it. Of course, you can always have sex, but you only get one first person. Is this the person? Personally, I think she is just wrapped up in the wrong guy. But I encouraged her to do what she wants to do and not get wrapped up in the idea that she absolutely has to be a virgin until marriage if she doesn’t want to. I have this feeling that, while she does wear it like a badge of honor, it’s because of other people’s values. Until now, I don’t think she’s ever really considered what it is that she wants.

It's so surreal talking about sex with her since she is my wife's sister.

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