Friday, January 25, 2013

01/25/13 • Long Distance Cum

January 25, 2013 • Posted from an airplane somewhere over the western United States. Seat 2F

Just seconds ago, I finished chatting with a tumblr friend on kik (my name there is openlymarried, if you'd care to say hello). I am on a plane on my way back home to Phoenix. I will admit that she is my favorite follower. :)

She was in the tub while we were talking and she sent me a few pics of her very cute feet and a couple of her pussy. Her toes are quite suckable and i would love to taste her pussy. She had on the most wonderful pair of 7-inch latex heels on in one photo and I was so hard. My reaction to her was fairly obvious as we chatted and very likely obvious to the passengers seated next to me as I had to adjust my cock a bit after she got me so hard and horny. I was very careful to ensure the cover of my iPad prevented anyone from seeing her photos or our conversation. She even sent me a short video. Fortunately, I chose a window seat for this flight! Even more fortunate is that she gave me permission to share a couple of the photos here on the blog. :)

She fucked herself while we were talking. It is such a turn on to know you are making someone else hot. It's amazing knowing I made a woman on the other side of the planet cum. There is just something about it... She was turned on because of me. She fucked herself because of me. She had an orgasm because of me! That is as much my orgasm then as it was hers. It was shared, even if separated by thousands of miles and an ocean.

She made sure to tell me, as we wrapped up, that I owed her a cum as well. I promised to do exactly that... I also promised to send her proof. Her response: "Good boy". I melted. Those words have magic in them. My cock was leaking precum by the end of it all. My jeans have a wet spot on them that will have to be concealed as I walk through the airport when we land. It will dry by then, but you can always still tell with cum. Totally worth it. And honestly? I hope someone notices! :)

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